Hi! I’m Alexandra.

Growing up I moved so many times that I lost count at thirty. At a young age, I was not only responsible for packing but unpacking every area of the house and finding the perfect space for everything my family owned. Organizing professionally wasn’t even on my radar (I thought I would go into Entertainment Law).

As I began my professional career, I began working at one of the top early childhood learning centers in the United States, first as a teacher and eventually making my way to being the youngest director in the history of the school. In addition to getting highly trained in childhood development and education (which comes in handy when organizing kids’ bedrooms and playrooms), I sharpened my skills in organization by creating systems for classrooms and supplies as well as every piece of paperwork that came through.

In addition to the early childhood learning center, I freelanced as an event planner. I was planning weddings, birthday parties, baby and bridal showers, retirement parties, etc. and eventually went to produce corporate events and popups working with companies as notable as Brit + Co.

When I moved to New York, I organized a mother in her son’s room and their kitchen. She was so impressed that she connected me with so many people I couldn’t keep track of them. I fell in love with creating efficient systems styled to perfection and eventually started Alexandra Organized.

My method is based on creating an approach that works for your needs and personality. There is no “One Size Fits All” technique so I work to customize everything from how we purge to placement and supplies to fit your style. Nothing feels better than the look on a clients face when a project is completed so let’s work together to get your Life in Order.