Life in Order

Bringing organization to anything you could imagine! With clients that include everyone from working parents to celebrities and restauranteurs to stay-at-home moms and dads, Alexandra Organized has created systems for areas that need a tiny push to boost efficiency, to spaces that need a complete overhaul.

Services are based in New York City and the Twin Cities, Minnesota. Virtual and Travel services are available.

This first time we used Alexandra Organized my wife and I had her completely redo our kitchen. We were so happy, we brought her back to do our kids playroom. She came in and spent 20 minutes playing with our 3 and 4.5 year old to get a feel for them. Our nanny took the kids out and Alexandra went over my goals for the space and my kids. What I didn’t realize is that she has a long and thorough education in childhood development and once I talked to her, I gave her my complete trust to do whatever she wanted with the room. She explained that it might be an adjustment for the kids, but they would be better off in the long run. When I looked in the room when she was done, I was terrified. It looked so empty and bare and my kids were asking where their stuff was. Within 3 days, I noticed that they were fighting less, playing together better, and they weren’t relying on toys to fill their time. Alexandra set up a section for blankets and they are making forts, a section for arts and crafts and they are being more creative, and even picked out these blocks that my kids are OBSESSED with. She got rid of 95 percent of what they owned and they like the room BETTER! AND they are playing longer without needing an adult to guide them. I can’t believe it. My clingy kids can entertain themselves. Who knew?

Garrett R.

I love my kids, but they are the messiest children in New York. I hired Alexandra to help with their rooms and playroom. My main concern was making sure the kids knew how to put everything where it belonged when it got messy. Alexandra created a game for them to put things away and they enjoy cleaning up because they love the game so much! I’m happy, my kids are happy, everyone is happy! Thanks Alexandra!

Heather K.