This first time we used Alexandra Organized my wife and I had her completely redo our kitchen. We were so happy, we brought her back to do our kids playroom. She came in and spent 20 minutes playing with our 3 and 4.5 year old to get a feel for them. Our nanny took the kids out and Alexandra went over my goals for the space and my kids. What I didn’t realize is that she has a long and thorough education in childhood development and once I talked to her, I gave her my complete trust to do whatever she wanted with the room. She explained that it might be an adjustment for the kids, but they would be better off in the long run. When I looked in the room when she was done, I was terrified. It looked so empty and bare and my kids were asking where their stuff was. Within 3 days, I noticed that they were fighting less, playing together better, and they weren’t relying on toys to fill their time. Alexandra set up a section for blankets and they are making forts, a section for arts and crafts and they are being more creative, and even picked out these blocks that my kids are OBSESSED with. She got rid of 95 percent of what they owned and they like the room BETTER! AND they are playing longer without needing an adult to guide them. I can’t believe it. My clingy kids can entertain themselves. Who knew?

Garrett R.

I had been dealing with high anxiety and depression for months and the clutter in my home wasn’t making it any better. My friend suggested Alexandra after she did her home. She was kind but firm in the decluttering session and very reassuring when I got overwhelmed. I took a long weekend after the “initial purge” and left Alexandra with my keys. When I came back, I couldn’t help but cry tears of joy. I felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. It’s so much easier to go through everyday activities. I wake up excited to make my bed, and since I know where everything goes, on occasions when I do mess up, it only takes me 10-15 minutes to get things back in order. This isn’t to say that I never struggle with anxiety or depression anymore, but it feels more manageable now when I do. Alexandra changed my life.

Katie C.

I just moved from a two bedroom house in Virginia to a one bedroom in New York. My friend told me about Alexandra Organized and said that her transition wouldn’t have been possible without her. Alexandra not only helped me design my space effectively, but now my cabinets and drawers are exactly my aesthetic. In addition, she organized my closet and helped me keep what was in style and even piece together outfits so I have ample space for my clothes, but still have plenty of options. Alexandra honestly made the move to Manhattan so much easier and I don’t know how I would have done it without her. 10/10 would recommend.

Lee M.

Living in New York City is a totally different type of living, especially when you’re a married couple expecting your first child. Alexandra made this transition really easy by organizing our studio space (my husband is an architect and I am a cake designer). She came in with so much enthusiasm and that gave us so much confidence. Needless to say she didn’t let us down. She was so professional, creative, understanding and also friendly. She took all of our suggestions and made them even better. We have our baby girl now and the space is so welcoming, thanks to the amazing touch of Alexandra. If you need help getting things organized in your house, I cannot imagine that there is anyone better for the job.

Victoria A.

Alexandra is amazing!!!! She helped organize my closet. She is so strategic in her organization and I was able to do it one night after work. You don’t even know how much you need her until she comes to help.

Angela P.